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MeshFlex Knee Boost

MeshFlex Knee Boost

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APTOCO is dedicated to providing the highest quality fabric, With its innovative honeycombed design, the compression fabric not only absorbs maximum shock but also ensures optimal ventilation. This comprehensive support system effectively stabilizes your leg while keeping your knee dry through the inclusion of numerous air holes. The durable and practical OK cloth, free from any hairiness, guarantees long-lasting performance. With the MeshFlex Kee Booster, you'll be able to accomplish a wide range of tasks with greater success!

Powerful rebound spring force with its super-hard booster pads capable of withstanding over 45 kilograms. With this level of durability, there is no need to worry about bending the spring and risking injury to your weak knee. Through rigorous testing, the high-quality stainless steel spring ensures enhanced security and reliability. Experience the energizing support to the back of your knee, thigh, and calves during various activities such as running, walking, hiking, basketball, soccer, golf, cycling, tennis, volleyball, skiing, and more.

Adjustable and Perfect Fit – The exceptional interlocking design and practical sticker are tailored to meet the needs of the majority. Rest assured about sizing concerns, as you can achieve a customized fit by adjusting the flexible strap, ensuring stability for your knee and legs without any rolling down. The one-size-fits-all design allows for easy wearing, whether around bare knees or over trousers.

Multiple Functions – By providing support to your weak knee, the MeshFlex knee boost effectively alleviates pressure and lightens your stride. It helps prevent excessive knee flexion and promotes the activation of your knee muscles. Additionally, it shares the burden of additional weight with your knee.

Knee Pain Relief – This revolutionary knee brace is designed to alleviate the burden and discomfort you may be experiencing. It professionally reduces inflammation, swelling, and soreness associated with conditions such as arthritis, torn meniscus, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, Gonitis, chondromalacia, and prevents hyperextension.

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