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AMASPORT Matrix Pickleball Paddle

AMASPORT Matrix Pickleball Paddle

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Pro-Spin Texture - Crafted with precision and expertise, the Pro-Spin textured surface of this pickleball paddle is engineered to optimize your performance on the court. By providing increased spin, it enhances your ability to control the ball and execute impressive shots.

Quantum-CarbonFiber Face - Featuring a state-of-the-art Quantum-CarbonFiber face, this paddle utilizes a proprietary bi-directional, cross-weave carbon fiber technology. This innovative design expands the sweet spot, allowing for a larger striking area and longer resonance. With maximum spin and a perfect feel, you can achieve consistency in your gameplay.

SuperDurable Surface - Built to withstand the rigors of intense pickleball matches, the SuperDurable Surface sets a new standard for endurance. Its wear-resistant properties outperform previous generations, ensuring that your paddle remains in top condition even after prolonged use.

Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless Tech. - Equipped with Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless Technology, this paddle boasts an Air Dynamic Throat that enables quicker swing speeds. Developed in collaboration with AMA Labs, specifically Project PP002, and fine-tuned for maximum flex, the Air Dynamic Throat is now larger and positioned even closer to the handle. This optimized design facilitates optimal air flow and enhances your ball control.


Skill Level: Suitable for beginners to professional players, accommodating a wide range of skill levels.

Average Midweight: Weighing between 7.76oz to 7.94oz on average, this paddle strikes a balance between power and maneuverability.

Average Lightweight: For players who prefer a lighter paddle, the average weight ranges from 7.23oz to 7.58oz, offering enhanced maneuverability without compromising control.

Thickness: With a thickness of 13MM, this paddle provides a solid feel and stability during gameplay.

Length: Measuring 16.3 inches in length, this paddle offers ample reach for strategic shots.

Width: With a width of 7.44 inches, this paddle provides a generous hitting area, enhancing your shot accuracy.

Grip Length: The grip measures 4.92 inches in length, allowing for a comfortable and secure hold on the paddle.

Grip Circumference: With a grip circumference of 4.25 inches, this paddle accommodates various hand sizes, providing a customizable fit.

Sweetspot size: Boasting a generous sweetspot size of 8, this paddle maximizes the chances of clean, powerful hits.

Surface Area: Designed with an elongated paddle shape, the surface area is optimized to offer a balanced combination of control and power.

Width: 189mm

Weight: 215±10g

Type: Cricket Bat

Thickness: 13mm

Surface Material: Carbon Fiber

Origin: Mainland China

Model: JP80-2

Length: 415mm

Grip Size: 125mm

Grip Circumference: 108mm

Core: PP honeycomb

Color: Pink,Blue,Yellow,Red

Brand Name: AMASPORT

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